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Our Programme


We do not follow a strictly pre-planned programme, but have a general plan of what needs to be achieved in the particular age groups in the course of an academic year. During discussion time on Monday mornings the children tell the care-givers about their week-end and more often than not, a theme develops from this discussion. This has the advantage that the interest in this theme is already present, as some children have had a personal experience - so they can relate to the theme. Should no specific requirement emanate from the discussion time, the teacher introduces a subject of interest. Depending on the complexity of the theme, the duration of time spent with it can be anything from a few days to three weeks. Each theme is offered on a multi-sensory level, as well as with different activities, to accommodate all the different styles of learning, e.g. a craft activity, a story, a poem or song, acting out a scenario.

During story time, discussions, and when the children learn songs and rhymes, they are divided into their separate age-related groups. Creative times are often spent together, as one teacher helps four or five children with their tasks, while the other teacher suspervises the remaining children in the various free-play areas and activity corners. Play in the activity corners is monitored very closely, as young children learn so much more through PLAY than by any other means.