Registration for 2017 Children's Paradise is now open for the registration of new children for January 2017. The Admission Forms can be downloaded from the website and are found under Documents and Brochures. The application must be accompanie

School hours: Mondays to Fridays Half-day: 06h45 until 12h30 Full-day: 06h45 until 18h00 Half-day children must be collected at 12h30 (after lunch but before nap time). Children may not be collected between 12h30 and 14h00, except those attending

Our day care facility consists of three divisions: The Junior division is made up of the Baby class (Teddy Bears) and the Toddler Class (Tortoises) The Senior division consists of one class for the three to four year olds (Fishes), one

Children from the age of three months to preschool may attend the day care. Before any child is admitted, the necessary forms must be completed and accepted by us.  A fee of R800.00 per child must be paid to reserve a space for your c

BASIC FEES 2015 A. CASH AND EFT PAYMENTS Senior Division (age 3 - 6 years) Grade R, Blue Class & Purple Class:      Full-day - R2200.00           Half-day - R2100.00 Junior Division (age 3 month

The day care centre opens at 6h45, when children are left in the care of the manageress until 7h30. During that time all the early birds are together in one classroom, where they can build a puzzle, play educational games or keep themselves busy

MEALS The following meals are served during school hours (costs are are included in the monthly creche fees): Breakfast at 8h00 - Porridge (oats, maize, maltabella, Taystee Wheat). Children who arrive after 8h30 will not receive any breakfast.

WHAT MUST YOUR CHILD BRING TO SCHOOL? JUNIOR DIVISION (Babies & Toddlers) five disposable nappies per day the required bottles with formula for the day, already mixed two bibs one towel nappy one set of clean summer clothes one set

REPORTS Assessment reports for all the children from the age of 18 months are handed out twice a year, in June and November. In addition to these two reports, Grade R children also receive a so-called interim report in April. The reports help us

Each parent is always welcome to raise concerns or issues when he or she drops the child off in the morning or collects the child in the afternoons. Apart from this open door policy, we also have the following communication platforms available:Parent

EXTRAMURAL ACITIVITIES These activities are presented at the creche, during school hours. The cost of participation are not included in the creche fees and participation is voluntary. The presenters have their own participation forms that you must

TUCK SHOP On Fridays, after the 10 o'clock tea and bread time, each class has the opportunity to buy sweets, chips and homemade popcorn at our tuck shop. Please give the tuck shop money for your child to the class teacher. She will write the

GERMAN LESSONS From February until November, July school holidays excluded, those children where parents have indicated on the Application for Admission form that they want their children to learn German, attend a daily fun class from 11h45 until 12