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+ Do I still have to pay the full monthly fee, even if my child has been absent for a length of time?

+ If my child has attended your Grade R class, do you guarantee that he or she will get a space in the school of my choice?

+ If my child is identified as having a problem during the annual Occupational Therapist screening test, are we obliged to have the therapy with the Occupational Therapist that works on your premises?

+ If my child suffers from food allegies or sensitivities, how do you handle this with the cooked meals you provide?

+ Do you provide a transport service for bringing the children to and collecting them from the creche?

+ During these times of increasing criminal activities, can you guarantee the safety of our children?

+ What is the teacher-pupil ratio at your creche?

+ How much time of the day is spent actually teaching the children and how much time do they have to play?

+ How do you deal with separation anxiety that is frequently displayed in new children?

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