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It is our mission to place the needs of your children first and to offer them a home away from home, a second home.

We have adopted the philosophy of the famous education Maria Montessori: "Help me to help myself". At Children's Paradise we place special emphasis on letting the children acquire self-confidence and independence, as only self-confident children are able to develop to their full potential. Confidence is mainly developed by letting the children do things for themselves, where the teachers and care-givers fulfill the role as supporters and advisers.

Our second aim is to teach the children socially acceptable behavior. They have to learn how to function in a group and how to adapt to the needs of others.

Should we feel that your child has a particular problem that potentially hinders her development, which requires the attention of professional people such as an occupational therapist, a speech therapist of a psychologist, we will take up the matter with you. Please do not feel threatened or hurt by our suggestions, we are merely acting in the best interests of your child and want it to develop to his or her full potential.

Together, we will raise the future generation to be successful, tolerant, kind, understanding, loving, self-confident and caring.