From February until November, July school holidays excluded, those children where parents have indicated on the Application for Admission form that they want their children to learn German, attend a daily fun class from 11h45 until 12h15. In this half hour, normal activities are offered to the children (crafts, story-time), but all the instructions are given in German and interaction is also encouraged to be in German. On some days, the children are taught basic vocabulary and may bring home a worksheet. It would help tremendously if you could go through the words with your child to reinforce what the teacher has taught in class. This form of informal teaching will not turn your children into fluent German-speaking South Africans, but will make them familiar with the language and teach them some language basics, should you wish to further their education in school along the path of German as a foreign language.

The remaining children are divided into two groups and are offered similar activities in English, while their peers are attending the German class.