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On Fridays, after the 10 o'clock tea and bread time, each class has the opportunity to buy sweets, chips and homemade popcorn at our tuck shop. Please give the tuck shop money for your child to the class teacher. She will write the name of your child on a list with the amount you have given. Change will be kept for the next week. You are also welcome to give a larger amount, eg. R20, to the teacher for he whole month. You will then be informed when the credit has been depleted. If you are unsure how much you should give your child, please discuss this with the teacher.

If a birthday party with cake and other goodies is celebrated on a Friday, that class will attend the birthday celebrations instead of going to the tuck shop.


Once a month, usually on a Friday toward the middle of the month, four children will be commissioned, together with their moms and/or dads of course, to bring something homemade and edible to school. These four children will sell their goodies at a special table, with the assistance of a teacher, to the other children in the creche. The proceeds from this sale go toward the so-called "nice to have fund", from which puzzles, educational toys, sandpit toys and similar objects will be purchased. Baker's Day replaces the tuck shop for that particular Friday.

Each child will get a turn once a year and you will be advised, by means of a note, at the beginning of the month that it is your child's turn on the specified date.