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These activities are presented at the creche, during school hours. The cost of participation are not included in the creche fees and participation is voluntary. The presenters have their own participation forms that you must complete and the fees must be paid directly to them. At present, you have the following activities to choose from:

  • Just Click: Computer lessons for children aged three and older
  • Hydrophillies Swimming Club: Drown-proofing and swimming lessons for children of all ages and all levels of swimming abilities. Lessons take place in summer from October until March

* Additional activities will probably added in 2017

Although the creche gives the children the opportunity to attend extramural activities, any payment and lesson queries should be directed to the presenters of these activities.

Payments are separate from your monthly school fees. The payments can be given to any teacher, who will then ensure that the presenters of the activities receive them.

If your school fees are not up to date, your child cannot participate in any extra-mural activities. If you have negotiated a special price for school fees, it is understood that there will be no extra-murals for your child.