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Senior Division (age 3 - 6 years)

Grade R, Blue Class & Purple Class:      Full-day - R2200.00           Half-day - R2100.00

Junior Division (age 3 months - 36 months)

Green Class & Yellow Class:                   Full-day - R2400.00           Half-day - R2300.000



Please note that you will be charged R100 for every unpaid debit order

Senior Division (3 - 6 years)

Grade R, Blue Class & Purple Class:      Full-day - R2100.00           Half-day - R2000.00

Junior Division (3months - 36 months)

Green Class & Yellow Class                   Full-day - R2300.00           Half-day - R2200.00


  • All children must pay a General Purpose Levy or R800.00 every year in January to cover the following expenses: 
  1. R200 for the class till
  2. R300 for administrative costs
  3. R150 for a Children's Paradise T-shirt and hat
  4. R150 for a Christmas present at the end of the year
  • Class fees are payable in advance on or before the last working day of the month.
  • Full fees are charged for 12 months each year.
  • Children who start attending after the first day of a month will be charged the pro rata fee for the particular month.
  • If you have enrolled more than one child, the payment structure is as follows:  

        - First Child: Normal fee

        - Second Child: R250 deducted from basic fee          

        - Third child: R350 deducted from basic fee

  • Should you wish to pay your fees in January in advance for the whole year, you will receive a discount of 10% on the 12 x monthly fee, as in debit order structure.
  • Should you wish to pay your fees in two advanced instalments (January and June), you will receive a discount of 7.5% on each 6 x monthly fee, as in the debit order structure.
  • Should you wish to make advance quarterly payments (January, April, July, October), you will receive a 5% discount on each of the four payments, as per debit order structure.
  • Fines are charged for fees that appear late on the Children's Paradise account:

       - Fees paid after the 1st but before the 6th: + 3% on total of amount owed

       - Fees paid after the 6th but before the 10th: + 7% on total of amount owed

       - Fees not yet paid by the 11th: + 10% on total amount owed

       - Please Note: Your deposit only covers one month of unpaid fees. When that month

         has lapsed, we reserve the right to withhold any further services from your child.

  • Please remember that Internet tranfers between two different banks usually take two working days.
  • Should you be unable to pay, please make alternative arrangements with a teacher or with the manageress. However, even if arrangements have been made, the fines still apply.
  • Should you fail to pay your school fees for the month and not have made any arrangements, you forfeit your deposit at the end of the unpaid month and our services to your child are suspended. Your name and the amount owed will be reported to the Debt Collection Agency Bennett & Associates, who will recover any outstanding monies on our behalf.Should you wish for your child to continue attending, you must re-apply for a space for your child and pay a new deposit.
  • Class fees can be paid cash, direct deposit, Internet Transfer or monthly debit order (please note that the fees are discounted by R100 per month is you choose to pay by debit order - this means a saving of R1200.00 per year).
  • Please use your child's name or the invoice numer as a reference.