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The following meals are served during school hours (costs are are included in the monthly creche fees):

  • Breakfast at 8h00 - Porridge (oats, maize, maltabella, Taystee Wheat). Children who arrive after 8h30 will not receive any breakfast.
  • Refreshments at 10h00 - Sandwiches and cold Rooibos Tea (with lemon juice & sugar)
  • Lunch at 12h15 - this consists of a well-balanced, usually warm meal. Each day, the menu is displayed on the notice board.
  • Late refreshments at 15h00 - Sandwiches, cold Rooibos tea and fruit
  • Water is available to the children at all times.



  • Any instructions to administer medicine must be written on a medicine form that is available in the Grade R classroom. If medicine that is not accompanied by the form is sent to creche, the teachers may not give the medicine to your child.
  • Medicine bottles must be clearly marked and an appropriate administering utensil provided, eg. spoon for older child, dropper or syringe for the baby or toddler.
  • Medicine, together with the form, must be placed in the allocated box in your child's classroom. Please do not leave the medicine in your child's bag.
  • In the afternoons, parents must collect the medicines from the medicine cupboard on the stoep.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Should a child require more than two different types of medicine, he or she is too ill to attend school!
  • We will not allow a child with a contagious illness to attend the day care centre. Firstly, your child needs to rest at home to recover from the illness, and secondly, it would not be fair to expose the other children to this illness
  • In order to prepare your children for the outside world, we teach them that they are in control of their own bodies, which may not be touched by anyone, except by a parent or a doctor in the presence of a parent. Therefore, care-givers will not apply cream to the private parts of your child, once the child is potty-trained and older that two years. We request that you administer such care in the privacy of your home.