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Each parent is always welcome to raise concerns or issues when he or she drops the child off in the morning or collects the child in the afternoons. Apart from this open door policy, we also have the following communication platforms available:

Parent-Teacher Conference Day

The Parent-Teacher Conferences take place once a year, after the midyear reports have been handed out in June. Certain dates are made available for each class, on which the parent can make an appointment to see the teacher on a one-on-one basis to discuss the report or any other important issues. The parents is, of course, free to make an appointment with a teacher of with both the teacher and principal at any time convenient to the teacher, if he or she wishes to raise any issues and concerns that demand immediate attention.

Parent Information Evening

There is always a parent information evening for Grade R parents in January of each year, during which parents are informed about various issues that are important for the year before their children go to "big school".

Parent evenings for the parents of the remainder of the crèche children, as well as for parents of children in the after school centre, are scheduled on demand or if there is important information that the teachers and management of Children's Paradise wish to share.

Communication Book

All children must bring an A6 hardcover black communication book on their first day at Children's Paradise (see list of what the children must bring to school). This little black communication book, which must always be in the children's bags, is the means by which the teachers and parents can make notes of issues, events and problems that are important for the other party to know.