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Our day care facility consists of three divisions:

  • The Junior division is made up of the Baby class (Teddy Bears) and the Toddler Class (Tortoises)
  • The Senior division consists of one class for the three to four year olds (Fishes), one class of four to five year olds (Frogs) and Grade R (Busy Bees)
  • The After Care Section (Owls) is in a separate building and is made up of all school children who attend in the afternoons for homework supervision.

For safety purposes, the playground of the Junior Division is separate from that of the Senior Division.

Children in the toddler class who are turning three progress to the Senior Division in January of the following year.

Grade R classes are presented in both English and German (parallel medium). In the other classes of the senior division extra German lessons are offered to those children that are interested.