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The day care centre opens at 6h45, when children are left in the care of the manageress until 7h30. During that time all the early birds are together in one classroom, where they can build a puzzle, play educational games or keep themselves busy in the drawing corner. At 7h30 the teachers arrive and they take the children to their respective classrooms. In summer the children the play outside, under supervision, until 8h00, when we serve breakfast. In the winter this time is spent in the classrooms where the children play in the different activity corners.

From 8h30 until 10h00 is creative time, or lesson time. During this time, organised activities will take place in each classroom under the guidance of the teacher. Various activities are organised for this time-slot, from arts and crafts to story time, from constructing with play dough to playing with educational toys.

At 10h00 is bread time (bread & rooibos tea), after which the second part of the daily lessons begins. This time is used for arts and crafts, story time and creative activities. These activities are specifically focused on identified areas where additional practice is required.

At 11h15 the children play outside (weather permitting) until  lunch is served just after 12h00. At 12h30 the half-day children are collected, the remaining children settle down on a mattress for a nap until 13h45, except for the Grade R class that has another lesson after lunch. From 14h00 onward, the full-day children play outside until they are collected. At 15h00 we have another bread time (bread, fruit & rooibos tea).

The day care centre closes at 18h00.