About Us - Childrens Paradise - Willow Brae, Pretoria



Children's Paradise is a day care facility in the east of Pretoria, close to the German School.

The creche was established in 1999 and accommodates all preschool children from babies (3 months or older) to toddlers to Grade R. Children's Paradise is a registered day care facility, according to Section 30 of the Child Care Act (Act 74 of 1983), with the Department of Social Services and Population Development.

 I first had the idea of opening my own creche in the early 1990s, when, as a working mother, I was looking for a good creche where my children would be cared for while I was at work. I had very specific requirements of what good care should entail, and with this list of requirements in mind, I established my own day care centre in 1999.

 I also have the strong conviction that the inequalities in education of the past are the cause of so many problems South Africa faces today. Good and quality education for all our children is the only means by which the future generations will be empowered to manage this young democracy in such a way that all its peoples will benefit and prosper. And education begins far earlier than when your child goes to Grade 1. The foundations of a child's future are laid at the creche and in Grade R.

Children's Paradise started out as a parallel English and German medium creche, but in the past five years, as the demand for German has decreased, it has changed and evolved into an English environment, with those children who wish to learn German attending a 30 minute German lesson each day. There is also still a strong German cultural influence, as I and two of my teachers are German.

Over the past decade, Children's Paradise has sent many young learners to top schools in the area, namely the Deutsche Schule Pretoria, Lynnwood Ridge Primary School, CBC Mount Edmund School, St. Paulus and others. We have the excellent reputation that our learners are self-confident, socially adept and academically capable when we send them to big school.

Our programme is based on Christian morals and values, but we also foster tolerance and acceptance of the multicultural and multiracial diversity that makes South Africa such an enriching and unique country.

Children are the most precious part of all our lives. At Children's Paradise, we give your child a home away from home. Each child receives the care, love and attention it deserves. And, knowing that your child is taken care of in a loving and structured way, gives you peace of mind while you have to go out there and earn a living.

In 2014 we decided to take education a step further and started a small school on our premises. It is not official yet, as we are still in the process of applying for our independent school license, but we aim to give our Grade R pupils the option to continue their education in Grade 1 at Four Pillars Academy. After sixteen years of experience in pre-school education it was time to grow further and we will offer high quality education to school pupils as well. Watch this space!

Yours sincerely,

Claudia Freire